Getting anti-wrinkle injections for the first time – will it hurt?

first time anti wrinkle injectionsMany of patients who I see come to get anti-wrinkle injections for the first time.  They are all scared the first time they come for treatment.  Usually, their first question is, “will it hurt?” Then there are their other fears, “Will my face get worse if I don’t have it done again?”,  “I don’t want to look frozen.  Will I still be able to look natural?”.

If you are thinking about having treatment for the first time and these are questions on your mind too, then let me answer these for you.

“Will it hurt?”

The needles that are used for anti-wrinkle injections are the smallest needles that you can get.  You feel a little scratch as it enters the skin, but that is pretty much it. Most people tolerate the needles really well, without any problems.  Some of my patients prefer me to use ice to slightly numb their skin first prior to injecting.  You also have the option of using numbing cream first, although to be honest I hardly ever do this for anti-wrinkle injections.  To set your mind at ease on how non-painful it is, I usually inject myself, and I am certainly not someone who enjoys pain!

“Will my face look worse if I dont keep up the treatment?”

In a word, no.  If you discontinue treatment, the anti-wrinkle injections will eventually wear off, and you will return to your natural state within a few months.  You will not be worse.  If anything, you may possibly be better.  Because anti-wrinkle injections stop you developing new lines on your face, it can delay the signs of ageing developing.

“Will I look unnatural?”

Looking unnatural after treatment is both dose dependent and it depends on where you are injected.  If you have large doses in your face then there is more of a risk that you will look unnatural and frozen.  If you are injected in the wrong place, then that too can contribute to this look.  With that in mind, I prefer to start with lower doses and work upwards depending on the look required and the individual need.  You can always put in, but you can’t take away.


What happens at the appointment?

When you come to see me, we will start off by having a chat.  I need to know a bit about your medical history to make sure there are no contraindications to you having treatment.  We will discuss what treatment you want to be done and what areas you are concerned about.    I then work out how much treatment you need and will tell you the cost prior to injecting.  Sometimes people come to me with a cost in mind and I am always happy to discuss their budget and be realistic about what treatment I can offer for that.  I then get you to sign the consent form and I take photo’s.  Then I start the treatment.  That’s it.  My appointment slots for anti-wrinkle injections are 30 minutes long, but the actual treatment might only take 5 minutes!

Sometimes antiwrinkle injections might not be the best treatment for your concern.  For instance, you might be better suited to having dermal fillers, or skin peels, or threadlifting.  This is something that we can talk about when I see you.

If you are worried, book in and see me.  Initial consultations are free and there is no obligation to have any treatment.  You have  to feel comfortable with both me and what treatment you are going to have.

The majority of people that I treat for the first time I see again and again, so it can’t be that bad if they keep coming back for more!

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